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Intelligent home systems, which enable the application of home technologies according to personalized needs and desires, enable individuals to develop their unique way of life, making homes more comfortable, secure and convenient. The houses actively participate in activities in the daily density of life, thanks to Smart Home Systems, they become self-employed and sustainable, safety-free and energy-reducing companions.

When it comes to Smart Home Systems, the idea of the concept of comfort lies at the heart of the smart home system of transactions that unnecessarily waste time to the person or that they cannot be done by the user under normal circumstances. Smart Home and Building Systems, what homes or buildings can do depends entirely on the limits of imagination. We owe the greatest ease to the "scripting" option, which allows Smart Home and Building Systems to perform many commands repeatedly.

Operations that normally waste time such as closing all curtains and shutters, closing lighting, setting heating-cooling system, alarm ingenue can be carried out with a single command. In the morning, "details" such as running the coffee machine, adjusting the water and the temperature of the house, running the stereo or television, disabling the alarm system and the phone to let you know that you are leaving the workplace when leaving the house, watering the garden can also be included in the scenario of your daily life. As such, he can't give up on smart building systems that can work 24/7 for years.

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