Access Control Systems

No One Enters Without Permission...

One of the most important stages of providing an effective trust environment is to prevent negativity that can be bled from individuals such as malicious individuals, visitors or staff. Eratek Transition Control Systems, which serve this purpose, is the general name of the methods that allow a person or group to control and/or limit the entry of a person or group to a particular place. In simpler terms, Transition Control Systems determine, audit and implement who can enter, where and when.

The checkpoint is used in the Transition Control Systems, which are widely used in the entrances and doors of buildings, from the doors of houses or businesses to elevators or parking lots. The simplest form of this system with password input, such as biometric readers such as fingerprints or retina scanning, has many versions that remind you of espionage movies.

Transition Control Systems allow each user to move within the scope of the specified powers; he's warning the security operator of unauthorized activity, which he perceives as a danger. Another feature of the system is that it can bring space and time constraints to movements within the building. In short, there is no access to your home or work place without your knowledge!

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