Video Intercom Systems

Open the door by seeing the person in front of your door...

One of the most important security issues today is the question of who will open the door. It could be someone you know, someone you know who knocks on the door, someone with ulterior motives... How can you know without seeing it, not hearing it? The easiest way to eliminate this uncertainty and secure yourself is to stop people who come to the door before they even enter your home.

Intercom Systems provide a great advantage for security, especially in homes, apartments and businesses, by allowing the danger to stop entering the door. The idea of this system is the discipline of not opening the door to anyone without saying, "Who is it?"

Intercom Systems, ranging from small home units to systems of scale to meet the safety needs of large living spaces, are designed according to your housing in line with your risk analyses and demands.

Thanks to the system configuration, communication between the visitor and the owner of the houses, between the residents of the apartment in the apartments, between the concierge and the visitor, the residents of the apartment in large settlements such as sites, security and communication between the visitor it's being done.

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