Lighting Control System

Dominate the light!

You come home, you don't want to go into a dark environment. Or you're not home, but no one needs to know about it but you. Right. Give commands to the system; at the time and time you schedule, in any part of your home, the lights at any level will be lit.

Centrally turning off the lights in your home or garden with a single touch or adjusting the desired lighting intensity is just one of the services offered to you by the Lighting Control System.

Lighting Control System adjusts lighting settings according to your indoor activities throughout the day, taking into account the changing outdoor light at different times of the day. When it gets dark, it gives you a comfortable and comfortable living space by performing commands such as lights on with sensors or illuminating crossing points with motion sensors. It also automatically turn on or off your lights wherever and at any level, at times and intervals that you determine based on your life habits. And with the freedom to control all your commands over a single controller or touchscreen.

Don't worry about the times you'll be away from home for a long time, because you're still in control! To keep the lights on and create the impression that you're at home, all you have to do is program the Lighting Control System by defining any time and area.

  • All lighting can be switched on and off from any part of the building via a button or touch panel,
  • Lightcontrol on a room or floor basis,
  • Controlling lights with dimming
  • Scenario lighting (lighting scenarios such as food, chat, reading),
  • Energy saving with motion detector lighting control,
  • Turn on the desired illumination when the light is dark thanks to the luminous sensor, and the switching when the air is lit,

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