Multimedia Control Systems

Living in wonderland...

Do you ever think you've moved on to a whole new world with a movie you're watching? Or that you feel like the protagonist of a musical with impressive music? What makes cinemas, theatres and concert halls so magical is the emotions it's already experiencing.

Rock 'n' roll enthusiasm in the kitchen, classical music serenity in the bathroom, jazz intensity in the hall... You can experience all these emotions at any time. And with the sound and image quality you dream of. All you have to do is connect your devices at home with Smart Technology, such as computers, DVD players, televisions, music systems, iPods, playstation.

The Multimedia Control System gives you access to your entire music collection, video library or photos. Create custom lists with your favorite tracks or music channels and listen to them in any room of the house; you can watch your videos on any TV in your home.

The Multimedia Control System allows you to manage all your video and audio systems through the Intelligent Building System as well as their own remote controls. Moreover, the remote controls in the system are designed to match the devices' own controllers, so they are also extremely simple to use. With room-to-room sound analysis, you can set up the sound pattern for each room in your home.

Don't pursue your pleasures; Let them follow you in every corner of your home.

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