Security Control Systems

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If we list people's expectations in order of importance, we see that the need for safety is immediately behind the necessary physiological requirements for living. People want to feel safe in any environment. The solutions produced for ensuring peace and security and maintaining this climate of trust are a large part of the history of inventions. In addition to human nature, today's living conditions make spaces safe.

With the Security Control System, you can get rid of all your worries because your living and work spaces are carefully monitored by a 24/7 watcher.

With the Security Control System, all measures taken against the negativity such as thieves, fires and floods gain a compact structure and create a full atmosphere of trust.

In the Security Control System, where sensors and detectors are checked in synchronized, the central security unit also coordinates with communication systems and contacts the region's security agencies in a negative or dangerous situation.

The Security Control System has unorthodox capabilities, such as siren ringing, calling alarm service centres, notifying regional security agencies and predetermined individuals, as well as unorthodox capabilities, such as turning on all the lights in the house.

Burglar Alarm Systems

Don't look at the old ones to say the thief is not a lock. Because in the past, we used to take refuge in passive solutions that made it difficult for thieves to achieve their goals, such as steel doors, bars, illumination of dark spots and feeding dogs. However, times have changed and the solution that thieves can't stand, that is, cuts the way to their destinations has been found.

The Burglar Alarm System is a highly effective electronic solution that transmits your distress message to the outside world in dangerous situations such as theft, extortion, robbery, threats, trespassing, fire and health problems. The system monitors every corner of your home with sensors integrated to your lifestyle. It detects undesirable situations such as opening the door or window, having a movement in the house, breaking glass, smoke, and transmitting the danger to the system administrator with stimuli such as sirens and lights.

  • Thanks to the Burglar Alarm System,
    The burglar enters the residence from which area, one or more phones or a designated intelligence center is transmitted as alarm information.
  • When leaving the house, you can press a button to turn off the devices you want, complete the processes you want, and then automatically activate the alarm system.

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