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Smart home systems are the general name of building automation systems that allow your daily life to do your routine work and perform operations that you are too busy to do in practice, forget or postpone.

What is KNX Smart Home and Building automation..?

KNX-Instabus, also known as Knx, is an automation system for the control and monitoring of all functions of all kinds of buildings and houses. It is the most advanced intelligent home systems and building automation systems and the most used building automation system today. Knx is also a smart home, building control and automation standard. The Knx smart home and building automation system is open as software, meaning it can be easily connected to other building automation systems or different systems. Moreover, this smart home and building automation system is not dependent solely on a specific company.

There are many manufacturers for this system and every company can produce products or software for this system. This requires only certification by the KNX organization. Therefore, users do not have to use KNX smart home system products that depend on a single company.

Knx smart home and building automation system is a flexible system. It can be easily expanded and new features can be added. It is the best and most advanced system for people who want to own smart homes. With this system you can control all kinds of systems and the functions you want to create depend on your imagination.

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